MEMHREP works primarily in the developing world, initially in Africa, to end the distress of people with mental related issues.

Memhrep identifies people with mental-related illness from the streets. Assess their level of mental incapability by appropriate experts and sectioning them into groups.

Providing good hygiene, good grooming, catering and allocates a better shelter. Ensure clients receive appropriate medical treatment, counselling, spiritual, emotional and moral support.

As the clients recover, the project prepares a resettlement plan by providing the necessary skills for employment and housing to reintegrate them back into the community.

We also carry out valid, effective and much-needed research that listens to our clients in order to educate people’s perspective concerning mental health and evaluate our successes and failures.

Working with other organisations will continually play important role of our project, in order to assist our clients effectively far beyond the reach of our organisation.

By providing opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, we assist our clients the chance to work and contribute to their family income.

We do all this to make it possible for people who experience mental distress to live full lives, and play their full role in society.