Get Involved


Time is one of the most valuable asset or gift one can offer. It's very precious and therefore, Memhrep will appreciate every bit of your time that you will spend or contribute to continually make it progress. Since one person cannot take the whole responsibilities of running the affairs of this charity organisation, there will be the need for more hands to come on-board and get involved.

There are different ways that you can help or get involved. This may include volunteering, campaigning, fundraising and many more. Your involvement or support will go a long way to help transform the lives of people with mental related issues in the developing nations.

We urge you all to support and get involved in this rehabilitation project to provide vital reassurance to people with mental illness.


  • Do you have bags of passion?
  • Is mental health an issue that is close to your heart?
  • Are you looking for the opportunity to use specific skills, gain new ones, or get involved in your local community or in the developing nations?
  • Have you ever considered volunteering?

Volunteering means offering yourself or making yourself available to perform work voluntarily without compulsion. As good citizen, there is a great need to voluntarily help or support people with mental distress. Volunteering can be an exciting, growing and enjoyable experience. It is truly gratifying to serve a cause, practice one's ideals, work with people and also help solve problems.

As a charity organisation, we would not be able to work efficiently and effectively without the support from volunteers. There are many volunteer roles that one can play to help this organisaton. All these roles aim at rewarding and offering the opportunity for one to contribute and also gain valuable experience in the mental health sector.

For example, you could help or get involved in one of our resource centres, administration, residential, community support services, helping with activities or offering one-to-one support to someone. There are also opportunities to gain experience in one of our offices or at our rehabilitation centre, or help with setting up and running an event.

We have lots of additional opportunities for volunteers to get involved in our research team. You can also focus on groups that gives advice on policy development, equality and diversity matters that directly influence the way Memhrep operates. As someone with experience, you could become a peer supporter or peer advocate, working with other clients to strengthen each others confidence and get each others views and wishes recognised.


The following are our fundraising promises:

  • We are committed to high standards
  • We are honest and open
  • We are clear
  • We are respectful
  • We are fair and reasonable
  • We are accountable

You can also get involved in our fundraising team by helping the organisation in raising funds to support our clients(those with mental distress). At Memhrep, we are committed to ensuring a completely open and transparent fundraising and spending. One of our four key values is exercising responsible stewardship.



The following are some of the teams available for anyone who wants to volunteer to help the smooth running of this charity organisation:

  • Administration Team
  • Domestic and Manual-Work Team
  • Nursing and Support Staff
  • Catering Team
  • Psychiatrists Team
  • General Medical Team
  • Pastoral Care Team
  • Inter-Faith Team
  • Traditional Team
  • Resettlement Plan Team
  • Fund-Raising Team
  • The Treasury Team
  • Communications & Media Team
  • Maintenance Team
  • Systems Engineering & Technology Team
  • Security Team
  • Recreational Therapists Team
  • Training & Development Team
  • Research Team

Administration Team (AT)

The role of administration department within the organisation is to process all of the administration and documents for the rest of Memhrep. This team makes up the body of our organisation. They are responsible for managing the affairs of MEMHREP.

Domestic and Manual-Work Team (DAM)

The DAM team is responsible for locating and transporting people who are extremely mentally distressed and sleeps on the street; providing good grooming and hygiene, as well as maintaining shelter for our clients.

Nursing and Support Staff (NSS)

The role of this team involves helping clients to recover from their illness or come to terms with it in order to maximise their life potential. Mental health nurses liaise with psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, doctors, pastoral care team and other health professionals to plan and deliver care using a multidisciplinary clients-centred approach.

Catering Team (CT)

The catering Team plans, organises and develops the food and beverage services for our clients, in addition to meeting clients expectations, food and hygiene standards. They also ensure availability of sufficient food and clients are well fed.

Psychiatrists Team (PT)

The PT assesses the clients level of mental distress and section them into groups. Psychiatrists are often classified as the primary care providers in the area of mental health.

The Memhrep’s PT assesses and treats mental illnesses through a combination of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hospitalization, and medication.

The Psychotherapy involves regular discussions with clients about their problems; the psychiatrist helps them find solutions through changes in their behavioral patterns, the exploration of their past experiences, or group and family therapy sessions.

Psychoanalysis involves long-term psychotherapy and counseling for clients. In many cases, medications are administered to correct chemical imbalances that cause emotional problems.

Psychiatrists also may administer electroconvulsive therapy to clients who do not respond to, or who cannot take medications.

General Medical Team (GMT)

The GMT provides other medical treatment, by examining and talking to clients to diagnose their medical conditions; monitoring and providing general care.

They liaise with other medical and non-medical staff within and outside the project to ensure quality treatments are provided on daily basis at Memhrep.

Pastoral Care Team (PCT)

This team deals with the spiritual and emotional issues of the clients, through prayers and counselling.

The PCT recognises the importance of spiritual values and support in mental health. The team refrains from imposing any religious belief on the clients, through its activities.

Inter-Faith Team (IFT)

This team includes the other religious bodies.

They cordinate and oversee the spiritual welfare of clients from all other faith, in line with the equality and diversity policy of MEMHREP.

Traditional Team (TT)

The team consist of council of elders who deal with local cultural issues and contacts.

As part of the Memhrep’s operation in the developing nations, this team oversees that the appropriate protocols are followed and respected (not breached) in our day to day operations in the local community.

Resettlement Plan Team (RPT)

As the clients recover, the project prepares a resettlement plan by providing the necessary skills for employment and housing to reintegrate them back into the community.

The resettlement team works closely with the internal Pastoral Care Team, Psychiatrist Team, other agencies and the recovered clients to ensure there is a co-ordinated approach to the client’s further education, vocational training, apprenticeship, employment, housing and support.

Recovered clients may have two periods of support, firstly to settle them into appropriate temporary accommodation and later to move them into settled accommodation. If longer term support is needed, the client will be referred to other appropriate Memhrep’s partner agencies for on-going support.

The support provided depends on the client’s needs and does vary from person to person. Support plans can include anything the client and the specialist worker feel appropriate to help keep the accommodation and live in the community.

Resettlement support plan includes:

  • Regular welfare visits
  • Providing temporary accommodation
  • Help with training for work
  • Help getting employment or voluntary work
  • Help with personal management (e.g. budgeting)
  • Assisting client to acquire a permanent or family home
  • Getting help from other agencies
  • Support for clients to get furniture & household equipment at the new home
  • Assistance in initial payment of electricity and water bills
  • Escorting client to their meetings (if required) with other agencies, as an advocate
  • Help recovered client to register with local doctor through Health Insurance Scheme
  • •Educating family and friends on their re-union with recovered clients It is the organisation’s goal to empower the life of the recovered clients in their safe reintegration in the local community.

The Treasury Team (TTT)

The team is responsible for

  • keeping and general overview of financial matters
  • managing the income from fundraising
  • budgeting and financial planning
  • reporting back to the board of trustees, donors, the Charity Commission and the general public
  • book keeping
  • keeping a check on assets

Fund-Raising Team (FRT)

This team is responsible for raising funds for Memhrep - through donations, events, recycling, etc.

Thanks for the support from people like you, Memhrep will continually have the ability to reach mental distress people in the developing nations - helping them to change their lives for the better.

Together, we can help people overcome terrible barriers and we couldn’t do this without the help of fundraisers like yourselves.

Memhrep FRT is required to respect the right to privacy of our donors, and must not place any type of unnecessary demands on our donors.

Any gifts or donation received will be mainly used for the organisation’s objectives on our clients and will not be managed recklessly, under any circumstance.

Communications & Media Team (CMT)

The communications department serves a wide range of audiences including employees, volunteers, clients, other partner organisations and the general public.

As part of media handling and public relations, the CMT provide a first point of contact for journalists and media enquiries. They also work with the media to create awareness of our research, information and fundraising activities through TV, radio, print, press releases and internet.

Maintenance Team (MT)

MT is responsible for building Construction, maintenance and structural development of all Memhrep sites. The team comprises of the architects, builders and maintenance employees and volunteers.

MT liaise with contractors and consultants, monitor contract compliance and co-ordinate inspections to ensure high quality work. The MT monitors contractor performance, to ensure delivery of key performance and deliver improvement, where necessary.

Systems Engineering & Technology Team (SETT)

This team is in charge of the internal security systems implementation, for example, CCTV and Alarms.

Security Team (ST)

This team is responsible for the security of the organisation's properties and workers.

They also liase with other staffs to ensure the safety of our clients, in order to fulfil Memhrep’s duty of care towards its clients.

Recreational Therapists Team (RTT)

Recreational Therapists Team, provide treatment services and recreation activities for the clients. Using a variety of techniques, including arts & crafts, animals, sports, games, dance & movement, drama, and music.

Therapists improve and maintain the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the clients. RTT helps individuals reduce depression, stress, and anxiety; recover basic motor functioning, reasoning abilities and build confidence; and socialise effectively so that they can enjoy greater independence and reduce or eliminate the effects of their mental distress.

In addition, the RTT helps the clients to re-integrate into the community by teaching them how to use community resources and recreational activities.

The Recreational therapists work with the Memhrep Recreation workers (Entertainment staff), who organise recreational activities for our clients primarily for enjoyment.

Memhrep will continue to organise occasional entertainment activities including concerts, performance, etc for the clients at the rehabilitation centres.

Training & Development Team (TDT)

TDT ensures that all employees and volunteers are provided the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their tasks.

At Memhrep, training and development is about providing opportunities for our people to enhance their capabilities and to realise their full potential, in order to deliver an effective and efficient service to our clients.

We view training and development as a shared responsibility between the organisation, our individual employees and volunteers, with Memhrep providing the resources and individuals providing the essential motivation and commitment. We design training and development activities to help in this. These focus on increasing the knowledge, experience, skills and behaviours of individuals and teams.

The TDT’s responsibility is to identify the training needs of the employees and volunteers, match those needs to training and development opportunities and ensure that learning is transferred back into the service, which Memhrep delivers to its clients.

Research Team (RT)

The RT carries out valid, effective and much-needed research that listens to our clients in order to educate people’s perspective concerning mental health and evaluate our successes and failures.

Memhrep believes that continuous research and understanding is needed to support those with mental health issues. We also anticipate, with proper research in conjunction with the local communities and other mental health organisations.

The breakthroughs necessary for new treatments for mental illness could be made in the next few years.

Agricultural Programme

Memhrep works with its volunteers and partner agencies using modern technology to produce food crops for the organisation. The agricultural programme facilitates part of Memhrep’s ability to feed our clients appropriately at a reasonable cost. The team also generates revenue from the sale of some farm produce. The proceeds are then used by Memhrep to support its clients.

Our Agricultural Programme Team working in conjunction with the Memhrep’s Training & Development Team provides skills for future employment to our recovered clients who wish to engage in farming. The skills acquired through this training enable them to generate income in future, when they are reintegrated back in their communities.

Volunteers for this programme include agricultural science students from the various institutions and the general public as well. The volunteers are occasionally provided with some incentives. The programme is open to students who will like to broaden their scope of knowledge in the field of agriculture.

All Clients and volunteers are constantly provided with the necessary training to address any Health and safety concerns which might compromise their security.